This is a roleplay NOT based on the tv show "Supernatural". Welcome to a world you never knew existed. A world full of the supernaturals.
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PostSubject: TO FINISH LATER   Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:31 pm


Affinity Athena Francesco
Though she usually goes by Affinity or Athena

Affinity: [əˈfinədē]
Athena: [əˈTHēnə]

Athena, Wisdom, Infinity, Thena.

Skin Walker (Finnish Lapphund).

..:Species Description:..
Skin walkers is a person with the natural ability to shift into the form of a canine. They are known to live with humans.


Damsel (Female)

16 years old in human years, 2 in canine.

English and Italian, she is quite fluent in both.


She is a very small female with an hourglass figure. She can be described as very pale with long blonde and blue hair that stretches way past the center of her back. Her orbs are bright blue, however in her human form they dull into a silverish color on occasion which helps her with keeping her secret identity. Its not hard to tell that she gets a lot of attention, and she doesn't disagree when others call her pretty either.

She smells usually of a vanilla and rose mixture, a very sweet scent with a hint of honey, even in her dog form.

Gabbie (From the Gabbie Show)

She has a barely visible scar across her spine, one under her left ear and another over her nose, these scars are visible on both human and canine form.

..:Shapeshifting Form:..


When in her human form she may carry a few knives in her boot or waistband, and the occasional gun as well. Its impossible to know what she'll bring with her in her human form.


Under all the coldness, she does have a heart, you must dig down deep to find it though. Its not hard to make her angry and snap at you, its something she does very often. She is small, but makes it a goal to let everyone know she is just as good and as strong as the others. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, and this tends to get her in trouble, especially with her teachers. She is very sarcastic and claims her last words will be, "What are you going to do, stab me?". She's also very stubborn, and very determined, if her mind is set to something, you can't talk her out of it.

Her job as both a human and a pet
Respect and being treated equally
Her companion

Being disrespected
Being treated unfairly
Being talked about behind her back.

How she will die, not dying itself.
Being forgotten

She is.... eh eh eh secrets are to remain secrets.




Its unknown if she even as siblings as she was taken at birth.

..:Past Crush(s):..

..:Significant Other:..



Affinity was born in her dog form, which is very common. She doesn't remember if she had siblings and to this day doesn't know who her parents were. She remembers being taught before she was taken not to shift in the presence of a mere human. She was adopted a few weeks after her birth to a loving human family, two adults, two kids. The two kids gave her the name she had today, Affinity Athena Francesco. They loved her, however, they never knew that when they let her outside and left her there all day, she would shift into her human self, of course this was more of when she was 7 in human years. She would wander around and get to know the place. Even to this day she will leave for long periods of time to go to school, but return to her family.


"I don't hate you, I'm just not necessarily excited about your existence."

..:Theme Song:..

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