This is a roleplay NOT based on the tv show "Supernatural". Welcome to a world you never knew existed. A world full of the supernaturals.
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 The Site Rules

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PostSubject: The Site Rules    Sun Feb 07, 2016 8:54 pm

Bullying is strictly prohibited. Bullying of all types are known to take innocent lives. Its not worth it, knowing that you killed another living being, carrying that with you for the rest of your life. Its hard to take bullying.

Respect should be given to EVERYONE. Not only is disrespecting rude and very hurtful, it makes the world feel like crap, like they can't do anything to please you, and we're not going to bow down to you like that.

Keep this site PG-13. Sexual content of any sort it 100% prohibited. Our community is out there for fun, don't make this site disgusting.

Cussing is allowed, however don't overdo it! In the roleplay keep your cussing limited. In the chatbox, just don't offend people with either horrid words or cussing someone out.

We are a semi-literate roleplay. Keep posts around 4 lines, we don't need short, undetailed post, what fun would that be?

Fighting should only occur in the roleplay and only if it stays in the roleplay. Friendly debates are allowed on the chatbox, but full on fighting is not.

There's a place for advertising, keep it there. We don't want to see your advertising all over the site. Its annoying and uncalled for.

Biographies should be completed within a week of joining. If not you'll be classified as inactive and will possibly be removed from the site. Also, do not roleplay until your biography has been both accepted and moved to the accepted area.

If you know you'll be gone for an extended amount of time, post it under absences. If you don not post/reply to a post within a week, again you'll be placed as inactive and removed from the site.
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The Site Rules
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